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We provide a comprehensive criminal defence service. Our purpose is to protect the rights and defend the interests of our clients.

Police Station Matters

There is a 24 hour a day access to legal advice. Anyone arrested and in custody is entitled to legal advice from an independent solicitor free of charge. Hathaways has experienced solicitors and nationally accredited police station representatives available who can attend any police station in Tyne and Wear, Northumberland and Durham in response to a simple telephone call. Hathaways 24 hour emergency telephone number is 07889 007466. During office hours contact can also be made through our daytime telephone number: 0191 477 2288.

Magistrates’ Court Matters

Our solicitors represent clients before Magistrates’ Courts on a daily basis. With this experience of advocacy and knowledge of the law behind them our clients can be confident that their cases will be considered carefully and that they will receive the best possible legal representation. Whether it be applying to the court for bail, representation at trial or presenting mitigation, all aspects of court representation are handled by Hathaways. Clients are also advised as to the various forms of funding.

Crown Court Matters

Where more serious matters are to be heard before the Crown Court or our client is advised to elect for trial, we can provide the necessary preparation and ensure representation by an experienced advocate.

Motoring Offences

We are also able to help and advise drivers facing prosecution for motoring offences. The advocates within the firm have experience and knowledge of this difficult area of the law. We can offer an initial free interview in which we would consider the allegation and give some indication of the merits or otherwise of the case. We can also advise as to the likely level of fees. (Should legal aid be available we would advise accordingly).

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If you'd like to speak to us about any of our services, please contact one of the key representatives on the right or call our Gateshead or Low Fell office direct.

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Director and Solicitor

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