The firm of Edward Hathaway & Co. commenced business on 1 September 1985, with Mr. C. Edward Hathaway and Mr. Charles Weidner as original partners. Although they had purchased the firm of Mr. F. S. Lowe, a predominantly private client based practice handling mainly Conveyancing matters, Messrs Hathaway and Weidner, with the assistance of Mrs Therese Silver, who joined as a partner in 1986, widened the client base to include criminal and family cases, as well as matters of a contentious and non-contentious nature, including Legal Aid work.

This initial platform was built upon in subsequent years with the addition of partners Mr. Kevin Graham and Mr. Christopher Kyle. Sadly, Mr. Edward Hathaway retired due to ill health in June 1994 and died on 10 September 1994, Mrs. Therese Silver retired as a partner at the end of 1999. With effect from the 4th March 2002, the firm changed its name to Hathaways.

Throughout its existence the firm has been located at 19 Regent Terrace, Gateshead which is a well-known legal centre of the town. On the 4th March 2002 the firm opened a branch office at 572a/574a Durham Road, Low Fell, Gateshead, where privately funded matters only are handled. Any matters which may attract public funding are referred to the office at 19 Regent Terrace.

The firm developed as a general practice aiming to provide an efficient and speedy legal service to all sections of the communities of Gateshead and beyond. The intention always has been to serve all who request legal advice, assistance and representation, irrespective of race, creed, sex, colour or status in the best possible way.